Why Use ClaimEZ


What is ClaimEZ?

Precision Paralegals is Canada’s largest small claims court firm and have developed ClaimEZ as a self serve tool that can allow individuals to generate a claim at a fraction of the price instead of using our firm. Why would you do that you ask? The reason is, is that some claims are important but do not justify the expense of a paralegal/lawyer.  We believe that eveyone should be able to have their day in court regardless of their economic situation or the value of the claim. That is why we have kept the costs as low as $75 with the ability to recover 100% of $75 cost to prepare the claim if you are successful. 


Its Ontario Small Claims Court Claims complicated?

Ontario Small Claims Court is the “Peoples Court” and while you can do it yourself many of our customers found it complicated. You can go to Rules of the Small Claims Court and try to figure out which of the 40+ forms to use but many of our clients do not want the headache. With ClaimEZ, our wizard walks you through and prepares your Ontario Small Claims Court Claim with all of the necessary forms. We even file it electronically. 


Can I get my ClaimEZ fees back?

Yes many of our successful customers have been paid up to 100% of the ClaimEZ fees. You can get up to $100 of legal fees added to the judgment if you are successful with your claim. Therefore if you select the $75.00 fee you can ask for 100% of the fees paid to ClaimEZ. 


Can I fill out an Ontario Small Claims Court Claim myself?

Of course you can. You can go to resources such as the Rules of the Small Claims Court  prepare a claim and go through the 40+ forms, select which ones you need and prepare you claim. Just know that if you make a mistake you may need to file an ammendment costing you valuable time or worse yet have your claim dismissed. We believe that for $75 we save your hours in preparing your claim and we file it electronically for you without the need to take time off, go to a filing office and filing it yourself. 


What if I fill out the Ontario Small Claims Court Claim wrong?

There are many different types of claims and the ClaimEZ Claim Wizard walks you through preparing your claim from start to finish. At every step we ask you the relevant questions and provide helpful tips and tricks to ensure that you have a well formed and legal claim.

If you decide to fill out your Ontario Small Claims Court Claim and make a mistake you may need to ammend your claim costing you valuable time or worse yet having your Ontario Small Claims Court Claim could be dismissed.


What happens after I file my Ontario Small Claims Court Claim?

When you file your claim yourself you are on your own. With ClaimEZ we are with you every step of the way. After filing a claim it is important to serve it correctly and we provide you with the information that guides you on the proper service technique and what affidavits that you need to fill out. If you do not want to do it yourself then we can help you arrange for a process server. 


Does ClaimEZ only help me with the Claim?

No. We can help you every step of the way. Whether you need us to serve your claim, locate addresss/employment or assets, provide coaching for/or attending a pre trial conference we are can help. We also provide 15-minute consultations with a paralegal for only $39. You can access our Dial-A-Paralegal service here. 


What if I want to claim more than 35K in Ontario Small Claims Court

ClaimEz’s Claim wizard ensures that you do not make common mistakes such as claiming above the legal limit. However we do ensure that we protect you with language so that if you reduced your claim to the legal limit and if as it did in 2019 increase by 10K you would be able to claim the additional mount.


Why would I get a Paralegal to review my Ontario Small Claims Court Claim?

Precision Paralegals team of experienced paralegals have been serving Canadians for over 23 years. With over 20,000 court room hours and 25 Million dollars recovered for their clients they have the knowledge and expertise that you need to create the most effective Ontario Small Claims Court Claim.


When would I need a Paralegal to prepare my Ontario Small Claims Court Claim?

When you have a complicated matter or just want the hassle of filling out an online form (we promise its easy 🙂 ) we can assist you and handle just the claim or the entire process for you. Go to www.precisionparalegal.ca for more information or click on the link above to book a time with a Paralegal.


Is my information secure?

ClaimEZ.ca is secured using a 256-bit SSL certificate which ensures that your information is kept secure. We also use industry leading “Stripe” for our credit card processing and do not store any credit card information locally.

Free Claim Review

Not sure if you have a valid claim? Let one of our experienced team members review your matter for free and determine whether you have a valid claim and provide you with our recommendation on what to do next, pricing, and timelines.